Action Patrol (US, Virginia)

On Patrol

[TFU005] Tiger Force Ultra, 2011 cassette (150 edn.)

Unpredictable hardcore with a surprising sense of melody out of Richmond, VA. Reissue of long out-of-print discography collection with one bonus track. Includes patch.

Punk, Rock, Hardcore

Big Sir (US, California)

Digital Gardens

[HORN014] Hornbuckle Records, 2014 cassette + d/l (150 edn.)

Juan Alderete and Lisa Papineau reinterpret songs from their third album Before Gardens After Gardens with elements of noise, thrash, punk, and DIGITAL HARDCORE!!!!!

Hardcore, Noise, Alternative, Experimental

Qu / sub:shaman (Singapore)


[LITHE001] Lithe Records, 2015 cassette + d/l (150 edn.)

Qu is an instrumental post-rock band with beatbox/noise vocals from Japan. sub:shaman is an art-rock band with female lead vocals from Singapore. Unique tri-color swirl shells.

Alternative, Rock, Hardcore, Experimental