arcadecoma. (Scotland)

…In The Snow EP

[PTE057] Pterodactyl Squad, 2015 cassette + d/l (50 edn.)

A winter-themed horror concept EP. This is the story of the snow day that snowballed into the snow year from hell. Includes 1" button and glow-in-the-dark guitar pick.

Electronic, Chiptune, Alternative, Rock

b0b (Bobby Lee) (US, California)

The Technical Academy Plays -b0b-

[FR027] Fixture Records, 2015 cassette + d/l (150 edn.)

The Technical Academy were bots in an Atari 1040ST computer, who made musical decisions based on b0b's composition rules and performed together in real time via a Roland U-110 synthesizer.

Experimental, Electronic, Synthpop, Lo Fi

Crooks on Tape (US, California)


[MSR073] Misra Records, 2014 cassette

Former members of Enon with their own brand of fractured pop. Also includes instrumental LP In the Realm of the Ancient Minor on the B-side. We have the very last few copies.

Alternative, Electronic, Pop, Experimental

> (Greater Than) (US, California)

[CLREP001] Club Records, 2013 cassette + d/l

Impossible to Google but easy to groove to, > performed these eight instrumental jams using only a custom-modified dual Game Boy rig.

Electronic, Chiptune, RnB, Hip Hop, Beats

Givan Lötz (South Africa)


[OE036] Other Electricities, 2013 cassette + d/l (100 edn.)

Slow, quietly haunting songs written and distilled over a period of four years. The pace is that which occurs in media thicker than air, the time zone permanently pitched at dusk.

Experimental, Electronic, Slowcore, Dream

Odiggity (Sweden)

The MT-65 EP

[TT004] Tram Trax, 2015 cassette + d/l (30 edn.)

Five lo-fi jamz (including an instrumental Ice Cube cover) where everything but the drums is performed on a Casiotone MT-65 keyboard.

Electronic, Hip Hop, Beats, Casio, Lo Fi

The Plastic Plan (US, Georgia)


[HORN015] Hornbuckle Records, 2015 cassette + d/l (100 edn.)

Former members of Servotron and Toenut as the triumvirate of futurewave—their own style of instrumental electro-rock. Collection of their complete discography. Includes 1" button and download with eight bonus live recordings.

Electronic, Synthpop, New Wave, Indie, Rock

Please Lose Battle (France)

Bedroom EP

[PTE052] Pterodactyl Squad, 2014 cassette

Impressive 8-bit compositions from France that will make you feel like you're right in the middle of an intense NES battle.

Electronic, Chiptune, Experimental, Pop, Rock

Treasure Teeth (US, Florida)

Transatlantic Consultant / Romantic Impulse

[OE043] Other Electricities, 2015 cassette + d/l (100 edn.)

A musical accompaniment for the speculative domicile and its networked alienation, undulating between mood-setting pieces and danceable jams. Double EP.

Electronic, Dance, Experimental, Pop