Beverly (US, New York)


[TSF002] That Summer Feeling, 2014 cassette (100 edn.)

Indie pop/garage rock band comprised of Drew Citron and Frankie Rose. Fuzzy guitars and dreamy harmonies make catchy tunes. What more could you want?

Indie, Pop, Garage, Alternative, Rock, Dream

Givan Lötz (South Africa)


[OE036] Other Electricities, 2013 cassette + d/l (100 edn.)

Slow, quietly haunting songs written and distilled over a period of four years. The pace is that which occurs in media thicker than air, the time zone permanently pitched at dusk.

Experimental, Electronic, Slowcore, Dream

Lisa Papineau (US, California)

Blood Noise

[HORN012] Hornbuckle Records, 2013 cassette + d/l (200 edn.)

A vulnerable, raw, and emotionally fearless album comprised of only first takes, Lisa has created her own musical world with her whole presence assuming the role of the instrument.

Experimental, Pop, Alternative, Dream, Lo Fi