øjeRum (Denmark)

Variationer I Mørke

[HORN017] Hornbuckle Records, 2016 cassette (75 edn.)

An hour-long collection of music centered around the guitar. The songs flow in and out of each other like dreams, revealing a truly personal and honest representation of the artist himself.

Lo Fi, Acoustic, Folk, Ambient, Experimental

øjeRum (Denmark)

He Remembers There Were Gardens

[ØJE01] Self Released, 2015 CD-R (30 edn.)

Alternate soundtrack to the film La Jetée, performed solely on an old pump organ. Remastered edition with unique, hand-painted covers and hand-stamped inlay cards.

Experimental, Ambient, Soundtrack

Sound_00 + Lefterna (Macedonia)

Collab 6

[HF11] Horror Fiction Tapes, 2016 cassette (45 edn.)

The sixth in a series of collaborative releases. Shattered memories reimagined as echoes. Sound sorting machines.

Experimental, Ambient, Noise